So excited!
80% done...
Let's top off the well.

The villagers are ready to celebrate building a well of their own. They did most of the work themselves--digging the hole, making the bricks, and committing to maintain it for years to come.

The missing piece? The pump parts to top it off. Join alongside these communities in helping them finish their wells.

Buy a pump part

$1 buys a part
$350 finishes a well
2500+ wells planned this year
500,000+ villagers
celebrating life for years

Typically, non-profit organizations will enter a community and entirely subsidize a project, from planning to materials to labor. What many fail to realize is that without adequate community involvement and ownership in the effort, such projects commonly fall into disrepair within a few years of construction.

Instead, we partner alongside communities in their clean water efforts, empowering them to take ownership of the projects. Community members pool their own resources, making the brick, providing the stone, and contributing all of the unskilled labor. We simply provide key pump parts that make the well functional, which are also manufactured by local subsistence farmers.

In addition, the villagers form a well management committee that is equipped with caring for the well into the future. The committee collects an annual fee from the village, and is connected with a regional zone manager who provides technical expertise and access to replacement parts in case of well malfunction.

Life's hard. Celebrate harder.
Celebrate water.

Villagers dig the well—80% is done DIY
You can top it off—BYO
pump part